Neil and Rachel Rae


Missionaries with OMF International

We were both initially attracted to HTC for a variety of reasons.  For Rachel, one of the factors was the chance to spend time studying theology in the Highlands of Scotland.  For me (Neil) having lived in the highlands of Scotland for most of my life and not being really sure what I wanted to do long term, it seemed like a convenient option.

HTC’S commitment to intellectual integrity and their strong desire to make Christ known through the study of theology was another main factor in us choosing to study at HTC.

The learning was not always enjoyable (but then is that not part of the very nature of learning?).  It was however often enjoyable and stimulating for us both and we can look back and say it was really good for us to have been stretched in that way.

It definitely helped us to develop as Christians.  It made us much more aware that we were only really beginning to scratch the surface and that we could easily study God and his ways for the rest of our lives, without fully coming to an end of our attempts.

The staff were a very diverse, very experienced group, who came across very well and were good mentors for young (and old) Christians and students.  We were impressed by their intellectual integrity and they were often not afraid to ruffle a few feathers if they felt it was needed.

Currently we are working in Manila for OMF International, managing their Manila guest home.  Previously we had been doing language study in Manila and then spent some time working with deprived families in rural areas.  HTC better equipped us to serve in the Philippines and laid a very important foundation which we can build on in future years.

We would like to give thanks for the way that God has blessed and sustained HTC for the last 20 years.  Having witnessed their many challenges and the financial hardship they endured and the dedication of their staff in helping them get this far.  We thank God for what he has done through the ministry of HTC and pray that God would be pleased to continue to bless their ministry in the service of his Kingdom.

Neil & Rachel Rae (DipHE 2003)

Neil and Rachel Rae and family