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Key going into a lockOur Access course is a great introduction to studying theology.  It’s ideal if you are looking to study the Christian faith out of interest but not at degree level, or if you would like to do a taster course before choosing the BA programme.

We offer (each comprising 15 units) and you can study as many or as few as you like.  Modules include: biblical theology (where you study the story of the acts of God in the Old Testament as well as how events in the New Testament impacted on the history of the world); an introduction to the history of Christianity; and an introduction to pastoral theology (a theological reflection on God’s dealings with us in this real world).  There is much to be learned about His-story and how it impacts on you today.

  • No formal entry qualifications required.
  • A ‘study skills’ module to help you get started – helpful if you left school too many years ago to remember and haven’t done any studying since!
  • Classroom-based study at the college in Dingwall – four days a week, September to May.  Alternatively, study at home a module at a time, working at your own pace and taking as long as you require.
  • Excellent materials clearly guide you through the course and your tutor is on hand to help and encourage you at every stage.
  • No age limit.  Excellent for school-leavers ‘taking a year out’ or for retired people who want to ‘keep the grey matter active’.
  • is available for most students.  Contact the Finance Officer for more details: Barbara.MacPhail@uhi.ac.uk

See further information on the Christian Theology Access course, and how to apply.

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Our BA (Hons) Theological Studies programme focuses on three main themes: biblical studies, theological/historical studies and applied studies.

In the first year of study, you will be introduced to the New Testament, systematic and practical theology and early church history.  In your second year, the Old Testament is studied and you also consider counselling theories, as well as counselling in a pastoral setting.  A work placement is available in year three, which enables you to relate your studies to current practice.  You can choose to work in congregational work, alcohol and drug rehabilitation, hospital chaplaincy, overseas mission and relief work, or another area of personal interest.  During the course of your studies, you will learn a great deal and will be spiritually enriched by the great support and fellowship from staff and fellow students.

  • Study full-time or part-time.
  • Study on-campus at HTC or at another UHI campus or at home.
  • All our tutors have practical experience of ministry and are actively involved in church work.
  • is available for most students.  are available for RUK students.  Contact the Finance Officer for more details: Barbara.MacPhail@uhi.ac.uk

See further information on the BA (Hons) Theological Studies course, and how to apply.

"The period I have spent at HTC has been just brilliant.  There is a serious intellectual rigour to the studies but this is always liberally sprinkled with faith.  The opportunity to work with other students from different churches and backgrounds has also been very rewarding.  I would have to say that it is now possible to study theology ‘without losing your faith’ thanks to the quality of staff and teaching at HTC. It is also not just about theology because there are many other subjects on offer and I found the Counselling modules and Church History modules extremely valuable."
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If you are looking for an advanced course to further your studies, our is for you.  We supervise in a diverse range of subject areas and staff actively contribute to your work.

You can choose to study full or part time (there is a six-month residency requirement for all full-time students).

This will be a great springboard for your future.

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Fees and funding

Fees and funding

Course fees are set at a competitive level and are quoted in our section. You might not have to pay the full course fee, depending on your personal circumstances. Contact the Finance Officer for advice: Barbara.MacPhail@uhi.ac.uk. Modules are studied on a 'pay-as-you-go' basis and you complete one before embarking on the next.

For the Access course, most full-time students resident in Scotland will have their fees paid in full and receive a bursary.  If you are resident in Scotland and choose to study part time, you will be able to claim reduced fees.  

Scottish and EU students on the BA programme are entitled to free tuition provided they meet certain criteria, but international students will be required to pay the full fee. Please get in touch with us to discuss your personal circumstances or visit www.saas.gov.uk