How can I study?


To help you balance work and life commitments, we offer a range of flexible study options.

Whether based on-campus or at home, you will receive excellent support from your lecturers. Care is taken to ensure that distance-learning students are not disadvantaged in any way. The library service is superb and is frequently commended for its service to distance-learning students. An excellent student support service is available.

Study full-time or part-time content

Study full-time or part-time

Study full-time or part-time

All our courses can be studied full-time or part-time. Some students just study one module at a time, taking several years to gain their qualification.

Part-time BA Theological Studies students: You may find it convenient to access classes at the time they are delivered, whether on-campus or by distance-learning. However, if your circumstances require you to study in the evenings or weekends you can still access class materials via the university's virtual learning environment.

Part-time Access to Christian Theology students: Study a module at a time, progressing at your own pace. If you are taking this course ‘for interest only’ you can take as long as you like to work through the modules, but if you are taking this course to gain the entry requirement for applying for the BA Theological Studies programme you must complete Access within two years.

High-tech study tools content

High-tech study tools

High-tech study tools

A assists students in their learning experience. The ICT technician is on hand to give advice and to ensure that students are set up with the appropriate systems.

Study tools