Study tools


Here at HTC, as part of the University of the Highlands and Islands, you will study in various ways, using different technologies.  We have developed these learning technologies to ensure maximum flexibility in our courses to allow you to fit your studies around your personal and professional commitments.  The blend of technologies used on your course will depend on the individual modules you’ve chosen, but it is likely that you will use some or all of the following learning resources:

Video conference (VC)

VC technology enables you to connect to staff and students at any number of UHI centres. Using cameras and microphones, this technology allows you to see and hear your tutor and other class members. You can share common learning resources and materials on screen. VC can be accessed in a dedicated VC room with a large screen or it can be accessed on a laptop or desktop computer. You may share the facility with a group of students or you may be on your own. Find out more about studying via VC.

Audio conference (AC)

Using traditional phone systems or web-based phone technology, an audio conference enables three or more people to share a conversation or discussion.  Find out more about audio conferencing.

Virtual learning environment (VLE)

This web based system connects you to your online learning materials, online guidance and support and enables you to access and submit course assessments. You can talk with your tutors and other students in your online classroom through discussion boards, forums and live chat. Find out more about Brightspace, the UHI VLE.


Using the VLE, web and other technologies you may study when and where it suits you.  You will usually be part of a group studying in the same way and will be able to interact with other students.  Some online courses do not require any physical attendance at a college, with all study and support from tutors available online.  You may, however, be required to attend a face-to-face induction at your enrolling college at the start of your course.  You can also use myUHI to access your files, applications and other internet services for study from your PC at home or at work.  You don't need to be in college.


Of course, traditional face-to-face teaching in the classrooms in Dingwall or in HTC-Paisley is still an important aspect of how courses are taught. You will quickly get used to being in a classroom with distance-learning students (who may actually be based miles away!) as well as those students who are seated right beside you.

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