Teaching Staff content

Teaching Staff

At HTC, our excellent teaching staff have written on a wide range of topics, and are experienced in lecturing and supervising post-graduate research. 

Dr Jamie Grant content

Dr Jamie Grant

Vice-Principle (Academic)

Rev Dr Innes Visagie content Innes Visagie

Rev Dr Innes Visagie

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and Practical Theology

Part-Time Teaching Staff content

Part-Time Teaching Staff

Our part time teaching staff have a huge impact on the college, while juggling other responsibilities locally.

Professor Mark Elliott content Faculty member headshot image

Professor Mark Elliott

UHI Professor of Biblical and Historical Theology

Rev Tommy MacNeil content

Rev Tommy MacNeil

Lecturer in Evangelism

Rev Alasdair Macleod content

Rev Alasdair Macleod

Rev Dr David Miller content

Rev Dr David Miller

Lecturer in Cross-Cultural Mission

Dr Heather Major content

Dr Heather Major

Rev Mike Rattenbury content

Rev Mike Rattenbury

Lecturer in Christian Spirituality

Dr Mark Stirling content

Dr Mark Stirling

Lecturer in Christian Ethics

Support Staff content

Support Staff

Our support staff provide a high quality learning enviroment, that enriches our community. 

Mrs Pamela Adkins content Pamela Adkins

Mrs Pamela Adkins

Centre Administrator HTC Paisley 

Mr Geordie Cryle content

Mr Geordie Cryle


Mrs Samantha Oxby content Sam Oxby

Mrs Samantha Oxby

Access Course Administrator 

Miss Kathryn Stewart content Kathryn Stewart

Miss Kathryn Stewart

Registry Officer

Mr Mike Forbes content

Mr Mike Forbes


Mr Blair Gardener content

Mr Blair Gardener

Vice-Principle (Operations and Finance) 

Mrs Barbara MacPhail content Barbara MacPhail

Mrs Barbara MacPhail

Finance Officer

Mr William Gwynn content Staff image

Mr William Gwynn

Marketing and Communications Officer

Mrs Katie Morrison content

Mrs Katie Morrison

Academic Officer

Mrs Cathy Steed content Cathy Steed

Mrs Cathy Steed

Student Support Officer