Rev Dr Innes Visagie


Programme Leader:
• Philosophy, Politics and Economics (BA Hons)
• Philosophy (BA Hons)
Lecturer in philosophy and practical theology.

Rev Innes Visagie

Research interest:

Innes is interested in philosophy of the mind with a specific interest in consciousness and emergence. His theological interest is focused on the understanding of human experiences in the light of Scripture as a theology of praxis.


Innes has supervised, or is supervising, PhD students researching in areas of monism and dualism; moral responsibility; free will and providence; and epistemology within the context of philosophy of science and natural theology.



Innes holds the degrees of BA (Social Sciences), BTh, BA Hons (Philosophy), Lic. Theol. and MA (Philosophy) from the University of Stellenbosch and PhD from the North-West University (Potchefstroom). He is also Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.



He is also a registered counsellor and a COSCA Counsellor Member.


Contact details:

Phone: 01349 780000


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