Ministry apprenticeship programme

ToolboxApprenticeship schemes are widely used in lots of professions. The young apprentice learns his or her trade from the experienced worker. In a church setting, apprenticeship schemes provide an opportunity for ‘trying out’ whether full-time gospel ministry is right for the apprentice or can be a first step into full-time gospel ministry.  We just have to read Paul's letters to Timothy for an example of early church apprenticeship.

Church apprenticeships are commonly 1 or 2 year placements where someone is engaged in gospel ministry and can experience something of the sort of Christian work they feel God is calling them into. The apprentice learns as they serve, and the congregation nurtures and supports them along the way while they are trained and mentored by the pastor.

HTC has teamed up with a number of local bible-teaching churches to offer a new Ministry Apprenticeship Programme to people investigating Christian work.  The programme has four components : leadership, study, ministry and practical tasks, with much of the study element being offered through HTC.

apprenticeship flyerWho is it for? Can I be an apprentice?

Do you feel called to some kind of Christian work?  Are you ready to work hard as you learn the ropes?  Do you have a servant heart?  Apprentices can be school-leavers, graduates, people taking a ‘gap year’, early retirees, or anyone looking for a career change.  Read our flyer.

What will I get out of it?

As an apprentice, you’ll become fully involved in the life and witness of a congregation. You'll be mentored by an experienced minister and nurtured by the congregation as you receive training in four main areas (leadership, study, ministry and practical tasks). At the end of your apprenticeship you'll have a good understanding of ministry in that local context and be well-equipped to apply for church-related employment or even to progress to training for pastoral ministry or other forms of Christian service.

Is it expensive?

The congregation will make a contribution towards the cost of your training and we can give some advice about applying for grants too.  The more support you can raise from friends, family and grants the less you will need to contribute towards your training and expenses.  Specific costs will depend on the local situation.

I want to be part of this! What do I do now?

Please enquire about starting and keep an eye on the website (this page), following our Facebook page to be kept up-to-date. Download and read our apprenticeships' booklet.

All churches participating in the programme are bible-teaching, mission-focussed churches whose aim is to glorify God and lead people to Jesus.  Currently, the following congregations are looking for an apprentice:

View the list (below) of churches taking part in the programme and contact us to let us know which congregation you would like to serve in.

Inshes Church, Inverness

  • Growing CofS congregation with individuals and families gathering from the local community and other parts of the city of Inverness and beyond
  • Modern building used by community groups as well as church groups
  • Minister: Rev David Scott

Invergordon Church of Scotland

  • Good connections with local hospital, care homes, schools and businesses
  • Set in the harbour town of Invergordon and visited by tens of thousands of cruise liner passengers and crew each year; busy Seafarers Centre
  • Minister: Rev KD MacLeod

Kingsview Christian Centre, Inverness

  • Lively APC congregation
  • Modern building with good facilities
  • Minister: Rev Dr John Ferguson

Culloden Baptist Church (position already filled)

  • Congregation gathered from Inverness and surrounding areas
  • Currently meeting in Culloden Academy but with ambitious plans for a new church building
  • Pastor: Rev Kenny Ross

Free North Church, Inverness (position already filled)

  • City-centre church with the largest seating capacity in Inverness
  • Active outreach at Madras Street mission hall, including ‘Road to Recovery’
  • Minister: Rev Colin MacLeod

Hilton Church, Inverness (position already filled)

  • Situated in the heart of the Hilton district of Inverness
  • Light House café and community centre ideal for outreach
  • Minister: Rev Duncan Macpherson

Rosskeen Free Church, Alness (position already filled)

  • Social ministries including ‘Road to Recovery’ and ‘Seeds of Hope’
  • Capstone Centre in nearby Alness
  • Minister: Rev Calum MacMillan