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The guest speaker at the 2017 Graduation and Awards Ceremony, held on Monday 3rd July at Castle Street Church, Dingwall, was Rev Prof Andrew T B McGowan.


Graduation 2016 (Preacher: Rev Dr Fred Drummond)

Pre-2016 Graduation Audio content

Pre-2016 Graduation Audio

Pre-2016 Graduation Audio

Graduation 2015 (Preacher: Rev Jeremy Middleton)

Graduation 2014 (Preacher: Dr Mark Stirling)

Graduation 2013 (Preacher: Rev Iver Martin)

Graduation 2012 (Preacher: Rev Dominic Smart)

Graduation 2011 (Preacher: Rev A I MacLeod) sermon only

Graduation 2010 (Preacher: Rev A Murray)  sermon only

Graduation 2009 (Preacher: Derek Thomas)

Graduation and AGM 2008 (Preacher: Gordon Wenham)

Graduation and AGM 2007 (Preacher: Ted Donnelly)

Graduation and AGM 2006 (Preacher: Liam Goligher)

Graduation and AGM 2005 (Preacher: Sam Larson)

Graduation and AGM 2004 (Preacher: Richard Gaffin)

Graduation and AGM 2003 (Preacher: Ric Cannada)

Graduation and AGM 2002 (Preacher: Philip Eveson)

Graduation and AGM 2001 (Preacher: Iain D Campbell)

Graduation and AGM 2000 (Preacher: Luder Whitlock)