HTC Student support


We want your time at HTC to be as successful and enjoyable as possible throughout your course of study.

Student on pavement in front of HTC-Paisley

Do make use of the available resources and links which will develop your study skills. Check out the My Study Bar  for information on educational needs, disability matters and additional support.

Each semester there will be Drop-In’ sessions both online and in-person when possible to meet for other students and also the Student Support Officer in an informal setting. Check out the HTC Student Facebook page for notices.

Click on this link to view Student Support Induction Video

If you are a student who has no, or limited access, to IT equipment or an internet connection UHI can provide support on a loan basis. click here for more info on eligibility criteria and how to apply.

It may also be helpful to follow the UHI Health & wellbeing page on Facebook which can give you lots of helpful tips and advice about managing your mental wellbeing during this time.

HTC Student Support Officer can be contacted on or Tel: 01349 780206 (Dingwall) or 01349 780401