Calvin's Institutes

Public classes, Autumn 2016 content

Public classes, Autumn 2016

Dr Robert Shillaker
Wednesday afternoons, 2-3pm
Highland Theological College UHI, Dingwall

Lecture 1   Introduction and purpose of Institutes

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Lecture 2   Sensus Divinitatis: Knowing God and Ourselves and the Revelation in Creation

  • Knowing God and Ourselves
  • God Revealed in Creation

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Lecture 3   Self attestation of Scripture and accommodation

  • The Bible and the Holy Spirit

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Lecture 4 Trinity, Christ as autotheos and the Calvinistic extra

  • Idolatry and the Trinity
  • The Person of Jesus Christ

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Lecture 5   Covenant and the relationship between Old and New Testaments

  • The Place of the Law
  • Relation between the Old and New Testaments

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Lecture 6   Providence and Predestination

  • God's Sovereign Providence
  • Election and Reprobation
  • Predestination

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Lecture 7   The True Nature of Christian Freedom

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Lecture 8 The Lord’s Supper

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